Insurance and Reinsurance

Insurance/reinsurance — complex issues demand sound legal expertise.

The global industry in which insurers interact with brokers and reinsurers across borders worldwide in a web of risk sharing demands the highest level of legal skills when issues or disputes arise. FitzHunt attorneys have litigated and arbitrated disputes in all principal areas of insurance and reinsurance law. In addition to advocating on behalf of insurers, reinsurers, or cedents, we have also been called upon to informally mediate disputes between them.

Our lawyers are experienced and proficient in representing insurers and reinsurers in the wide range of sometimes arcane insurance matters that demand legal attention: complicated regulatory questions; preparing coverage opinions; litigating coverage disputes; contract drafting; declaratory judgment litigation; bad faith litigation; negotiating defense costs and liability sharing agreements between multiple parties; reservation of rights and disclaimer of rights letters; subrogation/lien rights negotiation; and long-tail liability claims regarding environmental or asbestos liability among others.

FitzHunt attorneys have substantial knowledge and experience in subrogation and strive to achieve an efficient and cost-effective subrogation recovery for each claim. We employ best practices to expedite and maximize recovery for our clients. We provide a timely and thorough cost/benefit analysis for each subrogation claim. Our attorneys recognize that resources must be used in a sensible and efficient manner appropriate for each respective claim.

We take pride in attaining significant recoveries for our valued insurer clients. We partner with one of the world’s largest insurers in pursuing subrogation and recoveries nationwide.

We serve as advisors in claims issues, dispute negotiation, and the myriad of questions that can arise in transactions between insurers and reinsurers, and we’re well prepared to represent our clients in court when negotiations fail.