Disaster Emergency Response / Crisis Management

Crisis management critical to avert long-term loss.

Planning ahead helps companies avoid permanent reputational damage in the marketplace when the worst happens — the aircraft accident crashes or the medication that has allegedly been laced with poison. FitzHunt has represented both large and small companies successfully in disasters where lives were at risk and millions of dollars were at stake.

We work closely with our clients to prepare for and mitigate the effects of catastrophic events or lesser disasters. Our experience in crisis management helps clients create Emergency Response Plans long before disaster strikes, and we stand ready to provide counsel in the aftermath of an event. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who understand your objective is to get back to normal operations as soon as possible. We assist with outreach to victims and families while protecting our client’s reputation and legal rights.

We were there to provide guidance to companies devastated by the worst terrorist attack in our Nation’s history – the attack of 9/11. With the experience to manage that crisis on behalf of our clients, we stand ready to provide our expertise to your company in its time of need. If disaster strikes, we will be there for you.